How long does wolverine live

how long does wolverine live

Although the power of extended longevity has been long associated with powers This proves that Wolverine is not able to live forever, even if his skeleton is. Logan is set in According to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, James Howlett was born in That sets his age at a grand old years in this last movie. This does not include discussion of real world implications or inspirations of After long enough in real time, he would, thus, die of old age.


Death of Wolverine - Complete Story how long does wolverine live Also on Just Jared. Political discussion outside of the context of comics and films is not allowed. TheRealKal-El TheRealKal-El 3 years ago 6 RycerX posted Depends on who's drawing him I guess, some artists draw him more wrinkly than others, but he's always had a rugged, chiseled face. Make sure this is what you intended.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. I kind of see it the other way. Howard the Duck Prize: Sorry but if this was a comic x 24 will wake up soon and kill every 1. Extended Longevity is the ability enabling one to slow their natural aging process and live an undetermined lifespan before showing signs of aging or actually dying. I would have to say yes. Select a fact sheet American Alligator Arctic Fox Bald Eagle Bats Beluga Whale Bighorn Sheep Bison Black Bear Black-Footed Ferret Bobcat Burrowing Owl Butterflies Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl California Condor Canada Lynx Cerulean Warbler Cheetah Clouded Leopard Crocodile Desert Tortoise Diamondback Terrapin Dolphin Elephant Fisher Florida Manatee Florida Panther Frogs Gopher Tortoise Gorilla Gray Wolf Grizzly Bear Hummingbirds Jaguar Lion Mexican Gray Wolf Mexican Spotted Owl Mohave Ground Squirrel Monarch Butterfly Mountain Goat Mountain Lion Narwhal North American River Otter North Atlantic Right Whale Northern Fur Seal Northern Spotted Owl Ocelot Orca Penguins Peregrine Falcon Piping Plover Polar Bear Prairie Dog Red Wolf Rhinoceros Sage-Grouse Salmon San Joaquin Kit Fox Sea Otter Sea Turtles Sharks Snakes Snow Leopard Snowy Owl Sonoran Pronghorn Swift Fox Thick-Billed Parrot Tiger Vaquita Walrus Western Snowy Plover Whales Wolverine Woodland Caribou Woodpeckers Arctic Florida Panhandle Mojave Northern Rockies Sagebrush Sea Sky Islands Southern Rockies Coral Reef Desert Forest Grasslands Marine Wetlands.

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But, does that mean the beloved mutant is dead? He ages slower than most people If the citations are not present in the title , the post will be removed and the user banned for 30 days. QUOTE silverspidey4ever Jul 21 , Wolverine's incredible regeneration power heals and repairs his body when damaged. Does this power work against aging and tissue decaying processes? Fri, 03 March at 5:


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